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Mike Morgan, Proactive Coaching

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NOCAD is excited about our endorsment of Mike Morgan from Proactive Coaching as your next professional speaker. Coach Mike Morgan is a special type of educator that all student-athletes should have the opportunity to work with.  Mr. Morgan is both a highly successful Music teacher and footbal coach in Colfax, Washington.  Coach Morgan recognizes that student-athletes only get a four year window to participate in high school activities.  MIke Morgan believes that all students should participate in as many activities as possible. Mr. Morgan also believes that student-athletes should have fun and be held highly accoutable.  If a student is going to be in volleyball, she or he has to be held accountable to be the best volleyball player they can be.  If an athlete is into music, he or she has to be held accountable to be the best best possible musician.  Mr. Morgan will bring a powerful message to your audience.

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Target Group:  Coaches, Athletic/Activities Directors, Parents & Student Athletes

Region:  Northwest

Watch video of Coach Mike Morgan: Click here


NOCAD Beyond the Game Professional Speakers