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Stephen Bargatze, Magic of Stephen

NOCAD Beyond the Game Professional Speakers


NOCAD with tremendous pride and excitement recommends Stephen Bargatze and the Magic of Stephen as your next professional speaker.  Stephen Bargatze is an internationally acclaimed comedian and motivational speaker.  With over 25 years of of experience, Stephen is a rare talent among entertainers.  His genuine personality endears him to any audience, and he quickly develops a strong, positive relationship with the crowd.  No longer merely spectators, audiences find themselves caught up in the comedy and amazement of Stephen's zany performance.  He sticks with direct, simple effects that are easy for the audience to understand.  Her personal story of overcoming an alcoholic home life as well as a childhood accident that left him with a speech impediment touches men and women on an emotional level.  His Magic with a Message presentations are not only englighting but inspirational.

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Target:  Groups, Coaches, & Student-Athletes

Regiona:  National

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NOCAD Beyond the Game Professional Speakers