National Organization of Coaches Association Directors

NOCAD History

History of NOCAD

NOCAD was formed in 1990. The mission is to help state coaches associations better serve coaches throughout the United States. In June of 1991, NOCAD was incorporated in the state of Olkahoma and the first official meeting took place. Twenty-three state coaches associations endorsed the articles of incorporation. Today the NOCAD family consists of 44 state coaches associations and one Associate association representing over 170,000 member coaches.

Founders of NOCAD

Jim Cartwright  (TN)

Harold "PeeWee" Park (OK)


NOCAD "Cartwright-Park" MVP
Award Recipients
1995 - John Somsky, Greg Bradshaw, Scott Paddock
1996 - John LeGear
2001 - Harold Park (OK), Jim Cartwright (TN)
2002 - Sally Bruns (Benefit Design)
2008 - John Elder (IL)
2011 - Wallace "Wink" Barnette (FL)
2011 - Ray Broadaway (GA)
2012 - Marv Heater (OR)
2012 - Steve Johnsen (NE)
2013 - Greg Joly (Loomis and LaPann)
2013 - Ralph Halverson (MT)
    2014 - Keith Richardson    (SC)
    2014 - Tallulah Richardson     (SC)
    2016 - Robert "Jiggs" Cecchini  (CT)
2017 - Jimmie Reed    (KY)
2020 - Dave Land   (IN)