National Organization of Coaches Association Directors

NOCAD Timeline

A look back at the history of NOCAD, year by year:

1989 — Phoenix, Arizona — Bettis Herlong, South Carolina & Bernard Blackwell “stressed the need for an independent Executive Secretaries Organization.”

1990 — Little Rock, Arkansas — Hilton Hotel On The River. Harold Park, Jim Cartwright, and Pete Roberts met to plan and discuss the forming of an organization for Executive Secretaries of State Coaches Association. The name “NOCAD,” National Organization of Coaches Association Directors, was chosen at this meeting. The mission of NOCAD was to help state coaches associations better serve coaches throughout the United States.

January 1991 — Orlando [NHSACA Convention] — Informal discussions concerning the formation of an independent Executive Secretaries Association led Harold Park and Jim Cartwright to proceed with the incorporation of NOCAD.

June 3, 1991 — NOCAD was incorporated in the state of Oklahoma.
June 1991 — Bismarck, North Dakota — First official NOCAD meeting at the NHSACA.Convention; Harold Park, Jim Cartwright and Ray Broadaway presented the “Articles of Incorporation." Twenty-three states endorsed the NOCAD Articles of Incorporation.

Harold Park [OK] was selected as Executive Director. Jim Cartwright [TN] was selected as Assistant Director. John Elder [IL] was elected President.

The ratification of the NOCAD By-Laws took place in Bismarck. It was decided to hold a stand alone meeting in January, 1992 and the Executive Director was instructed to determine the site.
January 1992 — San Francisco — NOCAD’s first stand-alone meeting.  Twenty-three states were represented. Henceforth executive secretaries meetings will be under the NOCAD banner. First Gatorade-sponsored event takes place in San Francisco. This was the beginning of a special relationship between Gatorade, NOCAD, and NOCAD states.

June 1992 —Denver — Each member state association was given a check for $500.00 from Coca-Cola as NOCAD’s first major sponsor. First corporate NOCAD sponsors: Coca-Cola and Universal Cheerleading Association. First discussion of liability insurance takes place.

1993 — New Orleans — NOCAD establishes its “MVP” award.   

1994 — Kansas City — Meeting to discuss a merger among the National Federation of High Schools, National High School Athletic Coaches Association, and NOCAD.

NOCAD and Friends In Low Places (a salsa business) enter an agreement for salsa to be marketed at Wal-Mart. NOCAD’s share of the Mama’s Salsa contract was $22,000.00. Each NOCAD state received a check for $1000.00 to award as the “Coleen Brooks” scholarship(s) in its state.

1995 — Charleston, South Carolina.

January, 1996 — Albuqerque — The first master NOCAD liability insurance policy for states’ member coaches policy contracted for under provider Benefit Design.

August 6, 1996 — Lincoln, Nebraska — Further merger talks attended by Harold Park, Keith Richardson, Darien Derocher, Steve Johnsen [NOCAD],Wayne Carney [NHSACA] and Don Sparks [NFICA].
March 8, 1996 — Spaulding becomes a NOCAD sponsor.
January 18, 1997 — San Diego — Powerball sponsorship. Discussions concerning a new coaches association [United States Coaches Association] take place..
John Legear  named Managing Director of NOCAD and Timothy Communication employed as NOCAD’s management company. An organizational meeting was scheduled for April.
1997 — Chicago — During a meeting at the Clarion Hotel, the USCA constitution was ratified and Harold Park was selected as the Executive Director/Treasurer.
January 1998 — Mobile — John Legear resigns as Managing Director of the USCA. USCA reverts to previous NOCAD administration.

1999 — San Antonio — Plans for a summer NOCAD meeting in Chicago was cancelled because of construction at Barrington.
2000 — Nashville — NOCAD meeting highlighted by a visit to the “Grand Old Oprey.”
2001 — Tuscon — Harold Park announced that he would retire at the end of the 2002 meeting. Keith Richardson was selected as the new Executive Director.
MVP Awards were presented to Harold Park and Jim Cartwright.
2002 — Daytona Beach — Discussions of a NOCAD award’s program: Coach Of The Year. Primary players included Scott Paddock of Gatorade as well as Bruce Weber of Scholastic Coach.
2003 — Asheville — Announcement that Greg Joly, (Loomis & Lapann) would be the new insurance administrator. NOCAD membership votes not to have a National Coach Of The Year Award.
2004 — Savannah — The Board of Directors was restructured with staggered member terms and terms of the Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director and Secretary were established
2005 — Albuquerque —  Bruce Weber of Scholastic Coach asked each state to select a state Coach of the Year for three-quarters of a century. The state nominees would be featured in Scholastic Coach's upcoming 75th anniversary edition.

2006 — San Diego.

2007 — San Antonio.           

2008 — Charleston — National Joint Powers Alliance becomes a NOCAD sponsor.

2009 — Jackson Hole — (emailed film exchange) gains “NOCAD Approved” label in agreement with John Allen, Founder and President,.
2010 — Oklahoma City — NOCAD Coaches liability coverage adds coverage for teacher’s professional liability beginning August 1, 2010. John Allen of awards checks to those states who had coaches participating in the program

2011 — Wilmington, North Carolina — NOCAD partners with Loomis and LaPann to provide states and NOCAD with revenue from sports camp insurance policies issued.

2012 — Portland, Oregon — The Nike facility was toured.

2013 —  Orlando, Florida — Keith Richardson retired and Phil Weaver of North Carolina was elected as only the third NOCAD Executive Director. Dave Land of Indiana was elected as the Assistant Executive Director.

2014 —  Nashville, Tennessee —  Fiscal year changed to coincide with school and insurance coverage year. August 1 - July 31. Future registrations will be completed online.

2015 —  Annapolis, Maryland -    NOCAD State Directory changed to online only

2016 —  Scottsdale, Arizona - NOCAD Beyond the Game Professional Speakers Program officially launched - NOCAD and the Jason Foundation (suicide prevention) affiliate

2017 ---   Biloxi, Mississippi - Partnered with the American Football Coaches Association to petition the NCAA to stop televising football games on Friday nights - NOCAD presented the Grant Teaff “Breaking the Silence” Award for 2016 from the Jason Foundation.

2018 ---   Indianapolis, Indiana - Affiliate and Associate Memberships created - Resolved to support education as to the proper manner to present the flag and national anthem

2019 ---   New Orleans, Louisiana - Amendment to by-laws added to deal with dissolution of the corporation if that should occur.

2020 ---   Pasadena, California

2021 ---   Zoom

2022 - Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC - Phil Weaver retires as Executive Director and becomes Treasurer.  Joe Franks becomes Executive Director

2023 - The DeSoto - Savannah, GA

2024 - Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town - Albuquerque, NM



NOCAD 2025 Annual Meeting

January 16-19, 2025

Greenville, SC